Tuesday, October 23, 2018

BOOK: "13 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Massachusetts"

Paranormal researcher and "Ghosts of Salem" author Sam Baltrusis leaves no gravestone unturned in his search for the Bay State's most haunted cemeteries. From ghostly cries of the murdered Naramore children in Central Massachusetts to the blood-stained legacy of the Salem witch trials, Baltrusis breathes new life into the long departed.

HALLOWEEN: 13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts

The 13 most haunted locations in Massachusetts? Author and paranormal journalist Sam Baltrusis will take you on haunted train ride to the creepiest spots the Bay State has to offer. This 30-minute romp produced by SMC in Somerville, MA explores the state's dark history and other tales from the crypt. Photos by Frank C. Grace.

Here's the list for 2018:
1. USS Salem, Quincy
2. Lizzie Borden B&B, Fall River
3. S.K. Pierce Mansion, Gardner
4. Freetown State Forest, Bridgewater Triangle
5. Orleans Waterfront Inn, Cape Cod
6. Hammond Castle, Gloucester
7. Burial Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
8. Gardner-PIngree House, Salem
9. Oliver House, Middleborough
10. Spider Gates Cemetery, Leicester
11. Parson Barnard House, North Andover
12. Riverside Cemetery, Barre
13. Boston Common, Downtown Boston

Sunday, May 13, 2018

"Ghost Writers" BeLiveTV show with author Sam Baltrusis

Ghost Writers is a weekly FB Live show featuring some of the paranormal field's most spooktacular writers. Hosted by author Sam Baltrusis, the BeLive TV show will air Friday nights at 9 p.m.

Interview with Joni Mayhan, author of "Signs of Spirits"
Interview with Jack Kenna, author of "Paranormal Research"
Interview with Gare Allen, author of "Ghost Crimes"

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Plymouth ParaCon unleashes September 21-23, 2018

On September 21-23, join “13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts” author and Provincetown ParaCon producer Sam Baltrusis for a three-day paranormal experience at the allegedly haunted John Carver Inn located in “America’s Hometown,” Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Visit PlymouthParaCon.com for the lineup,

Porter and Doogie from Destination America's "Haunted Towns" and "Ghost Asylum" are headliners.

Tim Weisberg & Stephanie Burke from “Spooky Southcoast” will also be featured at the Plymouth ParaCon Sept. 21-23. Tim worked on "Haunted Towns" with our headliners Porter & Doogie and psychic-medium Burke is a “Kindred Spirits” regular. "Ghosts of Plymouth" author Darcy H. Lee, Jack Kenna, Joni Mayhan and James Annitto also join author Sam Baltrusis in the history-driven event in Plymouth, Massachusetts.